And there's a story behind that. In 1997, Maui Cruisers Car Rental owner Paul McKiernan says, "I used to get a rental car when I traveled for business on the mainland and the price quoted never matched my credit card statement." On Maui the national car rental companies had the same "a la carte" rental pricing, and Maui rental cars always ended up costing way more than the quoted price.

With our Discount Maui Car Rentals, *EVERYTHING IS INCLUDED! Our Cheap Maui Car Rental pricing reflects all of the applicable general excise, airport concession and road use taxes, liability insurance as well the rental itself. There is no confusion whatsoever as to what the entire rental will cost.

"Our prospective customers always ask me if the quoted price includes everything" says Paul. "Apparently I wasn't the only one asking those questions, not only on the mainland but on Maui, too!"

Why choose Maui Cruisers?

  • No hassle 24x7 airport pick-up and drop-off
  • No shuttle buses, no lines, no upsells
  • No hidden fees
  • No deposits or holds
  • Total upfront pricing
  • Free miles
  • Excellent service
  • Plenty of Aloha

Our car rental fleet, which consists of 1999-2003 vintage Nissan Sentras and Toyota Corollas as well as our newest addition of "family friendly" Dodge Caravans are all purchased right here in Hawaii so you will have the "Local Look"? and blend right in when you get behind the wheel.

Check out the images peppered across our website to see the "Local Look"? rental car you could be driving on your vacation in Maui!

Thanks for choosing Maui Cruisers!

Sentra on Haleakela HWY

Corolla at Tropical Gardens

Maui Driving Tips

After living on Maui for many years we offer the following advice when you get behind the wheel of a car here: Don't speed , don't tailgate and most of all don't blow your horn (unless it is a dire emergency). There is a certain philosophy associated with the above mentioned caveats which most folks, coming from the fast-paced lands of the more northern latitudes, are little aware of.
Taken separately the first caveat, "Don't speed" is one worth noting not only from the standpoint of the law (you could get a ticket) but also from the standpoint of missing the awe inspiring beauty Maui has to offer if you only slow down and look! Also in a larger sense, when someone is rushing to get "there" he is missing the sublime beauty of "here" which is the precious present. There are very few places on earth more precious to visit than here. So try to slow down and enjoy the relaxed pace of the tropics. After all isn't that one of the reasons you came here?

The second caveat , "Don't tailgate" is as much about respecting the person in front of you as it is about your own self respect. After all, on some level, we human beings (and all creatures for that matter) are connected. If you are tailgating the person in front of you you are creating animosity in that person which could very well come back to you in a negative way. Or the person in front of you could become upset and tailgate the person in front of them. Either way, the results of your initial action of tailgating has a negative effect on a lot more than the person in front of you. It sounds crazy but people who live here are sensitive to and believe in these types of philosophies. So, while you are here, relax. If the person in front of you is a slow poke, be grateful that you have more time to enjoy the scenery. Wherever you are going it will still be there when you get there!

The third caveat "Don't blow your horn" again falls into the category of courtesy and respect for other drivers on the road as well as peace and quiet on an already crowded island. Alot of times we blow our horn because we are impatient to get "there" as stated above (sound familiar?). Again remember that the "there" we want to get to isn't going anywhere. Try to leave a little early so you can relax and enjoy the ride!
Hopefully these words of wisdom not only can apply here on Maui, but could be also be applied when you get back home. Can you imagine what a peaceful, wonderful place it could be?
Thanks again for choosing Maui Cruisers!

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